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Tania Alvarado
PAAAS ambassador


Yaritza Samaoya
PAAAS Ambassador


Omobolanle Olowe
PAAAS ambassador


Cailee Sabates
Aahs underclassmen ambassador

Muhammad Asim
AAHS upperclassmen ambassador

Hello, my name is Muhammad Asim. I am a junior at AAHS and I love to read Manga!

Sam Hagopian
uctech underclassmen ambassador

My name is Sam and I am a sophomore at uctech. aside from reading i love to listen to music, golf, and bake! my all time favorite book is Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen. I am so excited to help represent the reading challenge this year and hope everyone can learn to love reading!!

Diamond Previlon
uctech underclassmen ambassador

I am a freshman. My favorite book is the sun is also a star. I’m a sprinter on the Rahway Track team. I love love mangas. In my free time i sometimes write short stories and enjoy writing essays on topics I’m passionate about.

Micah Malonzo
uctech upperclassmen ambassador

Hey ! My name is Micah and I’m a junior at Tech (specifically law and justice). In my free time I love to create with multiple mediums, particularly crochet, painting, and drawing with pen! I’ve loved to read ever since I was younger and I can definitely pinpoint my beginnings as a bookworm Rick Riordan’s books (my favorite series written by him is the Heroes of Olympus and my favorite book is The Blood Of Olympus.) As of right now, my favorite book is The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo !

janina walburg
uctech underclassmen ambassador

Janina Walburg is a sophomore at the Academy of Law and Justice in UCTech. With a passion and sense of fulfillment when reading a book, she has opened a new chapter of her life partaking in the school’s Reading Challenge as a Reading Ambassador. She aspires to engage participation and spark conversations in students about fascinating pieces of literature.

Will Kim
AIT Upperclassmen Ambassador

Will Kim is currently a junior at AIT. He enjoys doing math and computer science. Will is part of the AIT Math League as well as the Class of 2023 Student Council. Will has also recently joined the gardening club, which he enjoys a lot. Some of Will’s favorite books include Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli and Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami.

Anusha Iyer
AIT Underclassmen Ambassador

Anusha Iyer is a sophomore at ait. aside from reading, of course, she’s a dancer, a singer, and a runner. she mostly reads literary fiction and she even has an instagram account to track her favorite reads.

Sydney Herskowitz
APA Upperclassmen Ambassador

Hello! My name is Sydney Kerskowitz and I am a freshmen theater major at APA. In my free time I enjoy performing, playing softball, and reading. Her favorite book is With The Fire On High by Elizabeth Acevedo.

Margaret Danenhauer
apa underclassmen ambassador

Margaret Danenhauer is a sophomore theatre major and the underclassmen ambassador from APA. She loves sequential art and queer YA books. When Margaret isn’t reading, you can catch her singing with her band No Joke Zone, writing, wearing her headphones, and buying more post-it tabs.

Helena Chan
MHS upperclassmen ambassador

Hi! I’m Helena, a junior at Magnet. I like to swim, try new foods, listen to music, travel, and of course, read. My favorite book is People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry.

MHS Underclassmen Ambassador


Adja Tandjigora
PHS ambassador