About the Challenge

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How Does This Challenge Work?

It’s really simple. Just read as many books as you can. Books that you love in any genre. Then, submit those books through this website. Remember, you are only allowed to submit books you read during the challenge period. The Leaderboard will track how many books you’ve read. At the end of the challenge period, the top three students on each Leaderboard will win the prizes, but everyone who reads is a winner and the more you read the more you win!

Why Should I Join This Challenge?

Join the challenge to refoster a love for reading and learning. Reading will boost your brain functioning, increase your comprehensions and speaking skills, improve sleep, lower stress levels, and… well, we could go all day!

And, if all that was not enough, as an added bonus there’s prizes!

When Is The Challenge Period, And Who Is Eligible To Win Prizes?

The Challenge Period begins on November 1, 2022 and ends June 1, 2023. Anyone from the schools we are affiliated with who officially signs-up on this website is eligible to compete and win prizes. As the creator of this challenge, I am of course not eligible to win. However, I will be reading as many books as I can, and posting them on the nj_readers Instagram account!